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Vapemate Infographic, The Facts about Vaping

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One of the most promising statistics supporting vaping comes from a press release that was issued in August 2015 in which Public Health England (PHE) conducted an expert independent review of the potential dangers of vaping.

It found that e-cigarettes are roughly 95 percent less harmful than traditional tobacco cigarettes. As anti-vapers argue that e-cigarettes are nothing more than a new type of cigarette, this fact has been hugely beneficial for vapers everywhere.

Other statistics have shown just how many people have been able to reduce their volatile cigarette intake – or give up completely – thanks to vaping.

Another example. A University College London study determined that e-cigarettes helped 16,000-22,000 people give up smoking for good in 2014 alone. This study came off the back of others that found that vaping produced success rates that were roughly 50 percent higher than using the usual quitting methods, such as gum or nicotine patches.

It should come as no surprise then, that the grand majority of Britain’s current vapers are those using e-cigs to cut down on tobacco- or who are ex-smokers. That’s approximately 2.6 million people who are better off thanks to vaping.



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