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Mark block is the founder of Block RF and Associates – Block RF & Associates provides strategic consulting in the commercial, political and non-profit areas. Mark is also a small business entrepreneur and managing director of Smoke Safely LLC. Smoke Safely markets a subscription service providing electronic cigarettes and liquid nicotine under the brand-name Joe Stick. In 1974, Block became the first 18-year-old ever elected to office in Wisconsin, when he won a position on the Winnebago County Board of Supervisors. Block has run and consulted on numerous campaigns in Wisconsin since the 1980s. Among others, he ran Wisconsin Governor Tommy Thompson‘s re-election campaign in 1990. By 2007, Block was serving as the Wisconsin director of the “pro-business” political advocacy group Americans for Prosperity. Block met Herman Cain while working as Wisconsin state director for Americans for Prosperity, and both were traveling to meetings in launching branches in Ohio and Michigan. At a March 2010 dinner with Cain in Las Vegas, Block and campaign deputy, Linda J. Hansen, pitched a plan for how Cain could become a legitimate contender for the 2012 Republican nomination for President, and they took him to #1 in the polls for many weeks. Block’s rising profile in the Cain campaign as his Chief of Staff gained additional attention when a campaign ad showing Block smoking a cigarette caused widespread consternation among the political elites but ignited the grassroots base.