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Press Release Lonnie Bozeman of Saveur Vape joins EVCA Board of Advisors

As the EVCA gains momentum and Allies in fighting the FDA

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Contact: Kathy Hoekstra

Wednesday, May 10, 2017                 989.284.2095, Kathy@kathyhoekstra.com

National Effort Grows to Repeal and Replace FDA “Deeming” Rule

The Electronic Vaping Coalition of America welcomes vaping industry leader in advance of D.C. push to upend the FDA’s illegal implementation of industry-killing regulation


The Electronic Vaping Coalition of America (EVCA) is pleased to announce Lonnie Bozeman as the newest member of its Board of Advisors. Mr. Bozeman joins current Advisory Board members, Christian Berkey, Founder and CEO of Johnson Creek Enterprises; Larry Flick, of the FGA Group; Bill Godshall, Executive Director, Smoke Free Pennsylvania; Michael McCrary, President, VaporCast; and Scott Sidney, Managing Director, Smoke Safely, LLC.

Bozeman is the President and Chief Executive Officer of SAVEURvape, Inc., a premium e-liquid manufacturer and distributor based in Torrance, CA. Bozeman has led SAVEURvape’s operations since 2012 and is recognized throughout the vaping industry for his executive experience in leading operations, financial, compliance and sales.

EVCA Founder and Director, Mark Block, says Bozeman is joining the coalition at a critical time in the fight against the U.S. Food and Drug Administration’s so-called “deeming” regulations.

“The regulations require premarket approval for all vaping products dating back to 2007. At a cost of as much as one million dollars per application per product, 99 percent of the vaping industry will be priced right off the planet,” Block explained. “So EVCA has devised a solid plan to ‘Repeal and Replace’ the FDA’s rule, and Lonnie’s knowledge and experience will be crucial to our success.”

“It’s the first group that I’ve come across that actually has a hopeful strategy,” said Bozeman. “It’s not a band-aid or a quick fix. It’s an actual solution and a means to the end of illegal deeming regulations.”

From Hartland, Wisconsin to Capitol Hill, the ‘Repeal and Replace’ strategy involves an EVCA-led grassroots effort to challenge the legality of FDA’s implementation, and legislation introduced by U.S. Rep. Duncan Hunter (R-CA) to reclassify vaping products under a separate regulatory framework.

“The most important thing that we’ll see with this strategy is the ability to prove that the FDA has overstepped their reach by leaps and miles here,” Bozeman added.

About EVCA: The Electronic Vaping Coalition of America (EVCA) is a grassroots organization created to serve the needs of the vaping community. Whether educating the grassroots consumer, shop owner, manufacturer, legislator, or general public, EVCA has a proven track record of success of providing positive leadership and impactful activities to help the industry. EVCA led the way for the ‘Repeal & Replace’ strategy and is in favor of sensible regulatory practices that will protect consumers and allow the vaping industry to grow through new innovation and technology. To learn more, please visit the EVCA website at www.evapingcoalition.org.

SAVEURvape, Inc.: SAVEURvape is a premier manufacturer of premium e-liquid brands and flavors. As an early and consistent leader in the industry, SAVEURvape has manufactured and distributed some of the most famous brands in vaping including The Standard, Jackson Vapor Company, Blueprint Vapor, Jazzy Boba, Golden Ticket, The Originals and many more. To learn more, please visit the SAVEURvape, Inc. website.

Contributions to the Electronic Vaping Coalition of America (a 501 (c) (6) organization) are not deductible as charitable contributions on the donor’s federal income tax return.  They may be deductible as trade or business expenses if ordinary and necessary in the conduct of the taxpayer’s business.                                          

We suggest you consult with your accountant or legal advisor.  

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