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New England Vaping Industry Leader Joins EVCA, Regulatory Reform Efforts

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(Washington, D.C.) – The Electronic Vaping Coalition of America today announced that Mike Runshe, the CEO and co-founder of Giant Vapes, LLC, is joining EVCA’s growing effort to develop common sense federal vaping regulations as an advisory board member.

Runshe, who has been a vaper himself for more than five years, founded the East Providence, Rhode Island-based Giant Vapes in 2013. Like many vaping industry stakeholders, Runshe saw the potential damage of the Food and Drug Administration’s tobacco “deeming” regulation through vague and expensive compliance. He was drawn to EVCA’s approach of bringing the vaping industry, government bureaucrats and local communities to the table.

“I decided to join EVCA because of their commitment to execution and deliverables,” said Runshe. “There are a lot of good ideas and strategies floating around among the vape industry leaders and advocates regarding how to fix our industry without putting us all out of business. EVCA is actually executing those ideas and strategies.”

EVCA Founder and Director, Mark Block, welcomes Runshe’s support during what he considers a critical time in the evolution of the FDA’s position on vaping regulation.

“We were encouraged when FDA Commissioner Dr. Scott Gottlieb announced on July 28th that the deeming rule is on hold until 2022 because he wants a better way to balance regulation while encouraging the development of innovative, less dangerous tobacco products,” said Block.

The 2016 rule treats vaping products such as e-cigarettes as tobacco, and requires all products dating back to 2007 to a two-year pre-market approval process that could cost up to $2.5 million per application. Additionally, the FDA has yet to develop measurable standards for the industry to follow.

“The FDA reprieve gives us some breathing room to address Dr. Gottlieb’s specific concerns,” Block added. “EVCA has begun is doing its part through our coordination efforts with Hartland, Wisconsin and other jurisdictions are in the pipeline.”

Runshe agreed, and looks forward to working with all sides of the vape regulation debate.

“My hope is that together, we can come to a reasonable, manageable, common sense and science- based regulatory framework that allows the industry to continue to thrive, grow, advance, and save lives,” he said.

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