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EVCA Refuses to be Intimidated by Bullies

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The EVCA takes all allegations, threats, and intimidations, against itself and its board members very seriously. In the last few days there has been a concerted effort by a few organizations, and leaders of organizations, to purposefully malign our general counsel’s reputation and hinder our fundraising efforts through the sin of omission. Not telling the full story in an attempt to smear someone’s reputation can be unlawful and is most assuredly unethical.

We would like to announce that our legal counsel, Fred Kelly Grant, is now pursuing his rightful legal recourse, that is afforded to him by law, to seek damages and compensation for such scurrilous and inflammatory accusations. We expect he will release a statement soon. We will post here to keep our supporters informed.

We would also like the public to know that we are actively working with Facebook Security and Law Enforcement department to identify at least two fake profiles that have engaged in a disinformation and bullying campaigns against those that support the EVCA. We are hopeful that local law enforcement can use IP address identification to attach fake profiles to real people. Facebook takes bullying very seriously. Some of our detractors have even gone so far as to threaten our supporters with rape. If you have been threatened, please do not hesitate to take a snapshot of your computer screen, note any url addresses, and reach out to us with as much information as you can. We are very willing to use every legal means against any individuals that threaten, menace, and/or intimidate any of our supporters.
We encourage civil discussion, meaningful dialogue, and vigorous debate, but menacing and bullying, especially through fake profiles should never be tolerated, not by any organization.
The real Dr. Igor Vasiliev lives in Sydney, Australia and was not aware that his likeness was being used to threaten and intimidate those in the United States that are supportive of vaping. We have been told that he may be pursuing his legal prerogative to seek compensation for the damage to his reputation.
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