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EVCA Pushes Coordination Efforts in Torrance California

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TORRANCE, CA – The EVCA team had a great first meeting before the Torrance, CA City Council.  Our initial meeting was to explore the possibility of conducting Coordination hearings in Torrance regarding the FDA’s “deeming regulations.”
Federal law requires the agency to coordinate with local governments on policies that will substantially affect the community.  There are over 110 vaping related businesses in Torrance.  All will be negatively affected by the FDA deeming regulations, causing the loss of thousands of jobs within the community.

Lonnie Bozeman, CEO of SAVEURvape and EVCA board member, Linda Hansen, EVCA, and Andrew Agler, CFO of SAVEURvape speaking before the Torrance, California City Council on Coordination and the FDA Deeming Regulations.

“Hartland, Wisconsin had the courage and fortitude to begin this David vs. Goliath effort, and as we had hoped, much larger communities are now beginning to embrace the “coordination” concept, as well. We hope that Torrance, CA, will initiate proceedings similar to those by Hartland, ” said Mark Block, founder of the EVCA. “We left the city council meeting very encouraged, ” added Block.

Lonnie Bozeman, CEO of SAVEURvape (far right), Linda Hansen, EVCA (second from left), and Andrew Agler, CFO of SAVEURvape (left) speaking with Fran Fulton (middle), Economic Development Manager for the City of Torrance, California on the economic impact of the FDA Deeming Regulations.

The CDC estimates that 480,000 Americans die every year from cigarette smoke. That is equivalent to a city the size of Milwaukee, WI or Cleveland, OH. Worse yet, 40,000 Americans die from second-hand smoke (environmental cigarette smoke). Studies have concluded that 70% of smokers wish they could kick the habit. Transitioning to vaping products has become a very popular means to quit smoking. If the vaping industry is eliminated as a result of egregious regulations, we will likely see millions of people return to smoking, an increase of second-hand smoke, economic devastation to the industry, and – most importantly – the health of millions of Americans may be negatively impacted.

The EVCA has had a tremendously positive response to the Hartland, Wisconsin hearings. The hearings have helped to raise awareness about vaping issues and about the ability for local governments to protect businesses within their jurisdiction through the Coordination process.

For more information or to see how you may support the efforts, please visit www.evapingcoalition.org or www.LetAmericaVapeAgain.com.

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  1. Mike
    May 17, 2017 at 2:34 pm — Reply

    Hey FDA do you hear the train coming. ChooChoo!!!!
    American cities are starting to get aboard this train that is coming for your “Deeming Regs”

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