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The Electronic Vaping Coalition of America

The Electronic Vaping Coalition of America (EVCA) is a grassroots organization created to educate and mobilize others in the vaping industry with the goal of crafting sensible regulatory practices that will protect consumers and allow the vaping industry to grow through new innovation and technology.

EVCA was formed on May 10, 2016 and is being organized under Internal Revenue Service section 501(c)(6), member organization sharing a common business/consumer interest.

We were instrumental in briefing of Wisconsin U. S. Senator Ron Johnson, and his staff,  that resulted in his May 17th letter to FDA Commissioner Califf.


Board of Advisors

Shaun Casey

The Electronic Vaping Coalition of America (EVCA) welcomes Flavour Art North America, Inc. Partner and CEO Shaun Casey to its Board of Advisors.

A subsidiary of Flavour Art Italy, Flavour Art North America, Inc. was established in 2015 to not only answer a rapidly growing, global demand for their products, but to change the world through tobacco harm reduction and improved health. Casey is known globally for his advocacy efforts which include founding the Canadian Vaping Association, Canada’s only national advocacy organization.

EVCA Founder and Director, Mark Block, says Casey’s experience and drive go a long way in the coalition’s “Repeal and Replace” plan to upend the U.S. Food and Drug Administration’s so-called “deeming” regulation.

“The regulation jeopardizes 99 percent of the vaping industry through expensive, time-consuming premarket approval,” Block said. “Our strategy challenges the legality of FDA’s implementation in the small village of Hartland, Wisconsin, which is the ‘Repeal’ part. The ‘Replace’ part is legislation sponsored by U.S. Rep. Duncan Hunter (R-CA) to reclassify vaping products under its own regulatory framework. Shaun understands advocacy at all levels of, and what it takes to move the ball downfield.”

“EVCA has devised a logical, workable plan that we saw needed to be supported for its unique merits in our fight against the FDA and its ‘Smoke or Die’ prohibitionist policy development,” said Casey, adding that time is of the essence. “We are at T-minus 16 months before the premarket approval deadline. EVCA’s passionate, experienced administrative organizers, in coordination with their alliance with AEMSA, the only standards association, have a real shot at helping save vaping. And that needs support.”

Mr. Casey joins current Advisory Board members, Lonnie Bozeman, President and CEO of SAVEURvape, Inc., Christian Berkey, Founder and CEO of Johnson Creek Enterprises; Larry Flick, of the FGA Group; Bill Godshall, Executive Director, Smoke Free Pennsylvania; Michael McCrary, President, VaporCast; and Scott Sidney, Managing Director, Smoke Safely, LLC.

Lonnie Bozeman
Vice President of Industry Relations
Lonnie Bozeman is the President and Chief Executive Officer of Saveurvape Inc., a premium e-liquid manufacturer and distributor. Mr. Bozeman has lead Saveurvape’s operation since 2012. Recognized for his executive experience in leading operations, financial, compliance and sales. 

Prior to Saveurvape Inc., Mr. Bozeman worked in leading positions in the telecommunications industry. This included roles as Director of Operations for Verizon Communications, and Vice president of Ajilon Communications. Lonnie has also served in advisory roles with CoreSite and DirecTV.

Mr. Bozeman is currently considered a leader and subject matter expert in the electronic cigarette and vapor industry having designed and manufactured some of the worlds most recognized, safest, and trusted brands. Lonnie’s vision is to provide a safer and cleaner alternative to smoking by using the highest industry standards and materials.

Mr. Bozeman attended the University of California, Santa Barbara. He also has received numerous certifications in project management (PMP, PMI), and technology (CCNA, A+) and awards for Leadership and Management.
Christian Berkey
Christian Berkey Chief Exective Officer of Johnson Creek Enterprises
Larry Flick
image-3-base FGA Group  (Chairman) Represents American E-Liquid Manufacturing Standards Association (AEMSA)
Bill Godshall
Bill_Godshall Smokefree Pennsylvania (Executive Director)
Michael McCrary
0398ac8 President of Vaporcast Cleveland
Scott Sidney
Managing Director Smoke Safely, LLC
Fred Kelly Grant esq.

The Electronic Vaping Coalition of America is proud to work with Fred Kelly Grant, Esq. on our coordination strategies. Mr. Grant is well known as a selfless patriot, a constitutional scholar, and the nation’s most respected and highly esteemed expert regarding laws on coordination.

It has come to our attention that many in the vaping industry are questioning the recent change in status regarding Mr. Grant’s law license in the state of Maryland. To put it simply, this is much ado about nothing because the revocation was something the Mr. Grant personally requested. Here are the facts:

Fred Kelly Grant jointly petitioned with Maryland Bar Counsel to suspend his Maryland bar license, effective on July 3, 2017. This does NOT affect his ability to practice in other states, and it does not affect his ability to continue his coordination and private property work in all fifty states. Mr. Grant chose this action in Maryland as a result of health issues he had that barred him from traveling back to Maryland to complete a case he had started. Mr. Grant recently survived two life-threatening illnesses that involved hospitalization and installation of a pacemaker to supplement his 5- bypass heart surgery. When he was finally strong enough to travel and to complete the work the Maryland case required, he was involved in a serious car accident and was taken by ambulance to a hospital in Boise, Idaho, where it was discovered he had developed a very dangerous blood clot in his lung and a very serious hernia that could not be repaired due to the blood clot. The doctors restricted him from travel and from doing most of his usual work. After several months of recuperation, Mr. Grant endured yet another life-threatening surgery to deal with these issues. He was still not allowed to fly, and to finish the case in Maryland he would have had to travel from Idaho to Maryland by train, bus, or automobile – all of which were less than ideal, especially for an 80 – year old man recovering from several major surgeries in addition to injuries sustained in a car accident. He is still not fully recovered, and was only cleared for travel shortly before the recent Coordination hearing in Hartland, Wisconsin. While he was not happy to petition for the license suspension in Maryland, he felt it was the best choice at the time, considering his extreme health needs and inability to work or travel at that time.

Recent comments and information put forth by those who have no true knowledge of the facts have bordered on slander and will be dealt with as such if they continue.

Mr. Grant (and we at the Electronic Vaping Coalition of America) are extremely proud of the 53+ years of law practice during which Mr. Grant has been an active force in changing laws and helping citizens to find reprieve from egregious federal regulatory burdens. In the past 28 years, he has given more free hours to local governments, landowners, ranchers, farmers, miners, and loggers fighting against the federal and state governments than he has put into paying work. He is a true, honorable patriot who cares deeply about individual freedom, and adherence to the Constitution. His record speaks for itself, as do the hundreds of individuals who have been helped by his selfless devotion to the cause of freedom.

Mark Block

          Mark J. Block – Founder and Director

Mark J. Block – Founder and Director of the Electronic Vaping Coalition of America
Mark is a seasoned political consultant, most widely known for his role as Chief of Staff for Herman Cain’s 2012 Presidential campaign and for his role in the famous “Smoking Man” video that became a viral sensation during that election cycle. With years of experience running a variety of successful campaigns, especially in Wisconsin, he founded Block RF and Associates to provide consulting in commercial, political, and non-profit areas utilizing his unique skills related to grassroots engagement and advocacy.  He is also the co-owner of Smoke Safely, LLC, which is what propelled him into the area of advocacy for the vaping industry.  Motivated to use his political skills to help the industry, Mark has grown the EVCA to a powerful organization that has become very well known in the vaping world.

Mark Block has frequently appeared on Fox News and in other media outlets
Mark Block has frequently appeared on Fox News and in other media outlets